A Letter From the Only Black Female in the Credits

I spend time in movies being the side kick

Painting my nails, rolling eyes as my tongue clicks

Dancing and twerking while laughing at you

Thinking my role as the side chick will do

I have sex, I love it, I love being seen

I side-eye, I love it, I love being mean

Four kids and a baby, for which he is paying

Have exes on exes cause no man is staying

If he likes me I’m “chocolate” dark, sweet and a fetish

Never a princess. Princesses are born rich.

Never the bridesmaid and never the bride

Check the cast list for “extras” and that’s where I’ll hide

And if I am pretty, I’m “exotic” you mean it

Cause exotic means “beauty where you’re not used to seeing it”

Despite the Naomi’s, Vivicia’s, the B’s

Black beauty stays more of a myth than a scene

And even though knowing I’m not what they say

Not side-chick, or extra, or “jungle” fillet

There’s sadness in knowing despite who I am

They’ll cast me as extra cause I’m not a white man’

Ross Lynn

Thank you fore reading, I post a lot of my writing here on Instagram.

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